Noticias de Instagram | UK domestic problems could favor resumption of talks on Falklands with Argentina, says Malvinas secretary

Not only the end of war but on 10 June 1829, the country declared the political military territorial governorship of Malvinas, until ”usurped“ by the UK in 1833,” Carmona said The head of the Argentine Secretariat on Malvinas, Argentine Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands who will be also attending the UN Special Decolonization Committee this week said he was optimistic about a resumption of Falklands/Malvinas discussions with the UK

UK has problems keeping the union of the kingdom, has budget inconsistencies, “many Britons only manage a meal a day”, Malvinas are no longer a EU Overseas Territory and it is the UK which blocks improved contacts between Argentina and the residents of the Malvinas, pointed out Guillermo Carmona in an interview ahead of the trip to New York

Speaking on the end of the South Atlantic conflict, Carmona said that with war there is nothing to celebrate, but since 14 June 1982, Argentina has adopted an entirely diplomatic focus on the Malvinas issue, and June is a very special month

Not only the end of war but also on 10 June 1829, the country declared the political military territorial governorship of Malvinas, until ”usurped“ by the UK in 1833. Anyhow at moments UK has shown willingness to discuss Falklands sovereignty, such was the case from 1965 to 1982, just before the war when London unilaterally froze all negotiations”

Carmona was also hopeful about the future pointing out that UK is facing several serious problems, such as the union of the kingdom threatened by Northern Ireland and Scotland independence attempts. Likewise after leaving the EU and with Brexit, British Overseas Territories are no longer part of the EU, and several members have sat to talk and discuss Argentina‘s claims. Not only that UK is facing serious challengers with its budget, it is also true that “many Britons can only manage a single meal” a day

What would happen is Argentina was a more stable country, and thus attractive for the people living in the Falkland Islands?Argentina is one of the most attractive countries in the world, we have an open arms policy for all those wishing to establish in Argentina, free education, free health care, no objections to foreign culture”

But the problem is that UK blocks contacts between the Islanders and Argentina. They limit air links, impede Argentine aircraft from landing and If this can be overcome, “the Islanders will find Argentina very attractive”

Finally Carmona revealed that on 18 May, census Day in Argentina, the province of Tierra del Fuego which includes Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, was also included, “virtual”, basically through satellite images of houses, and then working on estimates, “which have not yet finished”