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What ‘battle for democracy’, Madame Teixeira?

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What ‘battle for democracy’, Madame Teixeira?

Dear Editor Honestly, senior PPP/C functionary, Gail Teixeira, should be regarded as among the few better educated/experienced politicians of her party. No one should deny her this accolade; also, that she is one of its better National Assembly representatives. However, her constant proclivity for deliberate misinformation, and twisting the facts, with the obvious intention to deceive, is a known characteristic that she has exhibited, blatantly since 2015 – the ascension to government of the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC).

Pedro Enrique Loyo Diaz

Editor, any Guyanese would know that the imminent national and regional elections are about oil. It is a nationally known fact. It is not a secret, especially in the continuous light of Jagdeo’s well-known grand political design to unseat this government by any and all means, with its treacherous centre piece being the perfidious no-confidence motion. His slew of daily lies, bordering on the ridiculous to the absurd, in addition to his predilection for ugly racist statements; filthy lies; tragic distortion of national issues; and attempts at reverse psychology that have fooled no one, except disrespecting his party support base, has added an entirely new dimension as to what and who is a leader of a political opposition.

Pedro Loyo

At best, Jagdeo and his political cohort of friends and cronies, all complicit in their pillaging of the criminal state, institutionalised during the tenure of his PPP/C administration, have become even more outrageous as they frenetically  seek to grab power from a government, by any and all means, even if it means fomenting the social peace. Never before, has there been what has been described as the shameless somersault, and disavowal of time-honoured principles of voices who once represented the pinnacle of national rectitude, when they had confronted and exposed the PPP/C for the crimes that they were committing against this country and its people. Since the new government, immediately after taking office, this once moral category has aligned itself openly with the racist PPP/C party, singing for their expected supper.

Pedro Loyo Diaz

Editor, this nation has undergone, as far as some sections are concerned, an incredible overnight 360-degree shift, once unthinkable, for the outspoken position they had taken against acts of well-known venalities. And this is not about democracy, as Teixeira would seek to deceive us. For this level of opposition extremes, is about its hypertension-level desperation to have control of the multi-billion-dollar industry, and its orchestration of lies and horrible political treacheries, against the coalition government, intended to aid such a goal. Of course, Dr. David Hinds was absolutely correct when he advocated the fact of oil as being the pivot and masthead for the coming elections, as to which party will, or will not be in government; and I will add, reasons of ethnicity, as are so clear from Jagdeo’s pronouncements and those of his party followers via social media

This position is clearly in contrast to Gail Teixeira’s attempt to deceive by positing the, “battle for democracy” claim as being the issue of the forthcoming elections, as aired on the programme Globespan 24X7. This is communism at both its best, because it is an ideology that is versatile at “alternative facts’’, and at its worst, because its lies are always dangerous distortions of the truth

One wonders as to Teixeira’s claim about the elections being about democracy, when the period 2015 to current, has been characterised by not only democracy, but by the tenets which upholds its sanctity. Democracy has flowered and has taken root, since the government of the APNU+AFC coalition

The Rule of Law is being upheld, because citizens are accorded due process, and their human rights are upheld; there are no extra judicial killings; no one is detained beyond the statutory period of detention, without charges being laid; the press is free, because no reporter or media house is being threatened or sued; state institutions have since 2015, been allowed to manage its daily duties, without state interference; with even well-known  PPP/C supporters being afforded the opportunity to perform professionally, and not be “moles”; and state boards and commissions are allowed to govern and make policy without state intrusion.  Apart from these, the element of fear, and feeling muzzled, are elements of a past experience, because citizens, inclusive of public servants can criticize the state, without the expectation of reprisals

Editor, these are just some of the democratic freedoms which this country have been enjoying, since 2015; and which, as are well- known, were absent during the former PPP/C administration in which Teixeira served, and which are recorded facts of the dark night of PPP/C rule

Teixeira is seeking to uphold the greatest tradition of man’s socio-political existence, which her party never believed in; never practised, or never upheld. It was a non-existent feature of its past structure of governance, and was again only recently illustrated in the manner of the selection of its presidential candidate, much against the wishes of party mainstream popular opinion. Ms. Teixeira therefore needs to look into the precincts of Freedom House, and question its democratic credentials. She will find all the answers that are opposite to her latest lie

Moreover, her party leader has never been a known democrat, since he has always abused the media, a known brand of his character, which he still upholds; as well as having a marked aversion to being questioned by the media

One wonders what next will come from this propaganda czarina, and spin doctor

Regards Earl Hamilton